About 10 hours is what Mexicans work in a single day , a situation that is not only stressful, but creates problems in your work. A good way to deal with stress and increase productivity is to foster an atmosphere of peace and happiness .

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) points out that Mexico has the longest working hours, with respect to the countries that comprise it. That is why it is urgent to know the best methods to avoid conflicts at work.

Put them into practice!

On the occasion of the International Day for nonviolence and peace, which is celebrated this January 30, learn to resolve conflicts in your work, where you spend much of your time.

  1. Do a self-analysis

 María Luz García, director of ADAMS Training , says that before criticizing a classmate, you should examine yourself. Do you do the same? Can you do something to remedy it?

  1. Avoid distrust

Relax and avoid seeing undue “intentions” in the behavior of the partners. Do not act before thinking it over. Try to be cordial and apologize when you affect third parties.

  1. Forget the assumptions

Be proactive and if you want something, ask for it directly. If you’re not comfortable with something, express it. Never give something for granted, because maybe it does not mean the same thing to others.

  1. Cooperates

Do not see your colleagues as a competition, but as allies. Remember that they are a team and everyone’s effort generates job growth. Respect the activities of others and focus on yours.

  1. Share

Try to share your emotions, the good news, the worries and the victories. The more you do it, the better you will communicate and get to know your coworkers.

Envy or work jealousy can bring out the worst in ourselves, so have a positive mind. “To educate in equality and respect is to educate against violence”. Benjamin Franklin

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